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ALLNET ALL0185 Driver

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ALLNET ALL0185 Driver

The integrated circuit is described by a netlist specifying interconnections of morphable devices. The detailed placement uses, for example, Simultaneous Dynamical ALLNET ALL0185, wherein the morphable-devices correspond to nodes influenced by forces, including timing forces. The timing forces are derived, for example, from a timing graph; path delay; slack; and drive resistance ALLNET ALL0185 the elements.

Timing-driven buffering applies buffering solutions to segments of route trees, combines solutions of adjoining segments, and prunes sets of solutions.

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Timing-driven resizing morphably replaces selected elements with upsized versions thereof. To the extent permitted by the ALLNET ALL0185 of the instant application, this application incorporates by reference for all purposes the following applications, all owned by ALLNET ALL0185 owner of the instant application: Provisional Application Serial No. Advancements in integrated circuit design, including placement and routing of elements in a Computer Aided Design CAD context, are needed to provide improvements ALLNET ALL0185 performance, efficiency, and utility of use.

Unless expressly identified as being publicly or well known, mention herein of techniques and concepts, including for context, definitions, or comparison purposes, should not be construed as an admission that such techniques and concepts are previously publicly known or otherwise part of the prior art. All references cited herein if anyincluding patents, patent applications, and publications, are hereby incorporated by reference in their entireties, whether specifically incorporated or not, for all purposes.

Drivers: ALLNET ALL0185

SYNOPSIS [] The invention may be implemented in numerous ways, including as a process, an article of manufacture, an apparatus, a system, a composition of matter, and a computer readable medium such as a computer readable storage medium or a computer network wherein program instructions are sent over optical or electronic communication links.

ALLNET ALL0185 this specification, these implementations, or any other ALLNET ALL0185 that the invention may take, may be referred to as techniques. The Detailed Description provides an exposition of one or more embodiments of the invention that enable improvements in performance, efficiency, and utility of use in the field identified above. ALLNET ALL0185 Detailed Description includes an Introduction to facilitate the more rapid understanding of the remainder of the Detailed Description.

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The Introduction ALLNET ALL0185 Example Embodiments of one or more of systems, methods, articles of manufacture, and computer readable media in accordance with the concepts described herein. As is discussed in more detail in the Conclusions, the invention encompasses all possible modifications and variations within the scope of the issued claims.

Brief Description of Drawings [] Fig.

In this view the resource-level ALLNET ALL0185 are shown internal to the form. In at least one embodiment, the form of Fig. For at least some of the resources, the demand exceeds the available supply.

For each of the resources shown, the demand is less than or equal to ALLNET ALL0185 supply. The invention is described in connection with the embodiments. It is well established that it is neither necessary, practical, or possible to exhaustively describe every embodiment of the invention. Thus the embodiments herein are understood to be merely exemplary, the invention is expressly not limited to or by any or all of the embodiments herein, and ALLNET ALL0185 invention ALLNET ALL0185 numerous alternatives, modifications and equivalents.

To avoid monotony in the exposition, a variety of word labels including but not limited to: The order of some operations of disclosed processes is alterable within the scope of the invention. Numerous specific details are set forth in the following description to provide a thorough understanding of the invention.

ALLNET ALL0185 Driver

ALLNET ALL0185 details are provided for the purpose of example and the invention may be practiced according to the claims without some or all of these specific details. For the purpose of clarity, technical material that is ALLNET ALL0185 in the technical fields related to the invention has not been described in detail so that the invention is not unnecessarily obscured.

For example, the introduction that follows provides overview information limited by ALLNET ALL0185 and organization to only certain embodiments. There are many other embodiments, including those to which claims will ultimately be drawn, ALLNET ALL0185 throughout the balance of the specification. Dynamic time-evolving SDI includes applying principles of Newtonian mechanics to an "analogy-system" based on a netlist that is a specification of the integrated circuit as part of an EDA flow such as during physical design development of the integrated circuit.

In some usage scenarios the analogy-system often referred to simply as "system" includes a single point particle corresponding to each device in the netlist.

  • Safety Net by the m² (Custom-Made) /45 mm, White Safetynet
  • WOA2 - Methods and systems for placement and routing - Google Patents
  • Linux on Realtek RTL
  • Net by the m² (Custom-Made)
  • WO2008005622A2 - Methods and systems for placement and routing - Google Patents
  • Known RTL8181-based consumer devices

The system further includes a set of one or more forces acting on each of the particles, in certain embodiments computed as a ALLNET ALL0185 sum. Various numerical integration techniques ALLNET ALL0185 used to apply Newton's second law of motion to the system, forming a time-evolving representation of the system in state-space.

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