ActionTec 54 Mbps Wireless Multiport Print Server Driver Windows 7

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ActionTec 54 Mbps Wireless Multiport Print Server Driver

Actiontec. RSU. 4 Port Wireless-Ready DSL Gateway. Actiontec 54 Mbps Wireless Cable/DSL Router. b. X. Actiontec. RSUW. 4 Port Wireless Barricade™ g Wireless Broadband. Router with Built-in USB Print. Server. X. Netgear's wireless print server can be confusing to set up and supports only a fraction of the printers on the market, but if you can get past those  Missing: ActionTec. Actiontec 54 Mbps Wireless Multiport Print Server. Manufacturer: D-LinkAir Wireless Broadband Router, w/ 3-Port Switch + Print Server. Manufacturer: D-Link.

ActionTec 54 Mbps Wireless Multiport Print Server Driver Download

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ActionTec 54 Mbps Wireless Multiport Print Server Driver

Actiontec 54 Mbps Wireless Multiport Print Server Manuals

The Adapter is now ready to use. Page To use the Actiontec Utility, disable the Utility by right-clicking on the appropriate network icon in the system tray, then selecting Status from the menu that appears. To select one, click on it, and the appropriate window will appear.

ActionTec 54 Mbps Wireless Multiport Print Server Driver Windows 7

The Link Status window provides information regarding the current status of the Adapter and its settings, including how many packets are being received and transmitted, transfer rate, address, and other related settings. Use this window to select the type of network to which the Adapter connects.

Actiontec 54 Mbps Wireless Multiport Print Server Manuals

Troubleshooting And Faqs Troubleshooting and FAQs This chapter describes some common problems that may be encountered when using the Adapter, and ways to resolve the problems. Also included is a list of frequently asked questions.

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From the Network Properties applet, perform the following steps: Make sure the cable is properly connected and that the orange Power light is on. Frequently Asked Questions How far can I be from the access point and maintain a connection?

WGPS606 - 54 Mbps Wireless Print Server with 4-Port Switch

After disabling Windows XP's firewall good thing we knew howit detected the print server immediately. Later, a screen appeared telling us to "reserve the selected IP address" in our router's settings, with no further explanation.

The process of setting up a PC to access a shared printer can be vexing as well. The WGPS's wizard instructs you to install the printer's drivers on each computer, but that's not always possible.

ActionTec 54 Mbps Wireless USB Adapter User Manual

In the case of the LaserJetfor instance, the driver needs to detect the printer before it can complete its installation. In most printer-sharing configurations, a remote computer can pull the necessary drivers from the host PC.

The utility gets the job done, but it uses nonstandard interface conventions and iconography that takes a bit of getting used to. Once you've completed the setup wizard you can use either the PSAdmin tool or the Actiontec's browser-based interface to view or modify device settings.

To access the printers connected to the print server, Actiontec includes on the CD a print client that maps the print server's three networked ports to local ports on a PC. While physically connecting printers to the device, I found a few mildly annoying physical traits.

ActionTec 54 Mbps Wireless Multiport Print Server Drivers for Windows

First, the USB ports are flush with the unit bezel rather than slightly recessed as is customary, which makes it appear that the USB cables are not fully inserted even when they are. Although the documentation indicates the lights should glow when a printer is connected, they light up and blink only when a job is actually printing.

ActionTec 54 Mbps Wireless Multiport Print Server User manual

Adding to the confusion, the PSAdmin utility and the print server's browser admin tool both reported that the connected ports were off-line. This was in spite of the fact that they were clearly functioning properly, as evidenced by the fact that both test pages and regular print jobs went off without a hitch.

On one hand, many, if not most, entry-level and low-end printers only support USB 1. Actiontec says that such printers will still work with the Wireless Multiport print server, albeit at the slower USB 1. Incidentally, Actiontec says the print server should work with most USB and parallel printers. But the Actiontec's lack of support for USB 2.

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