Here's What We Do

We search for all CFS/ME related research studies at hospitals, universities and medical facilities around the world.

We invite you to join our registry of CFS/ME sufferers who are interested in participating in studies.

We post the studies and inform you via email. At your convenience, log in, review and decide whether to participate.

This registry is specifically for people suffering from CFS/ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).  The global registry collects study and application details of CFS/ME related research studies that are actively recruiting participants. As research for this disease accelerates, eventually large scale studies will require thousands of participants to test promising therapies.  Finding suitable candidates is a time consuming and expensive process.  This registry hopes to shorten that process so studies can progress faster.   As a member, you’ll be able to browse CFS/ME research studies.  You choose which you’d like to apply to.

The FAQs provides much more background on this initiative and how it works.  At any time you are welcomed to send us an email or click the Feedback link.